Dough is the Devil

We love things made of wheat…bread,rice,pasta, cakes, cookies and of course, PIZZA!!!  This is what our bodies love or at least like an awful lot.  However, what our body’s need is boring…protein and vegetables.  There in lies the battle.  What we want versus what we need.  The interesting thing about wheat, according to Dr. Davis in is current book, Wheat Belly, it that wheat has been genetically altered starting in the 1950’s.  Before this time, wheat came in only about 25 varieties and was not too unlike the wheat of Moses and the bible.  When Jesus said to ask our Father to “Give us this day our daily bread” he was talking about this ancient type wheat that even appears in our patriotic American songs with the phrase, “Amber waves of grain”. 

         The worry about food shortages and population explosion changed all that.  To improve the yield of an acre of wheat ten fold took enormous genetic changes to the wheat, creating something called “dwarf wheat”.  To get dwarf wheat took the varieties of wheat from the original 25 varieties to 25,000 varieties.  While we now get ten times the amount of wheat per acre, no body took the time to see what this new, franken-wheat did to humans. It turns out that this new wheat actually increases our appetites to the point that giving free bread in a restaurant before a meal raises our appetites so we order more wheat.  This is through a protein called glyiden that has a morphine like effect on our brains so we eat more food.  We are essentially addicted to wheat containing products.  This causes us to over eat and gain excess weight.  Hence the term, Wheat-Belly very analogous to the good old Beer Belly of old (since beer hops are made of wheat).

         So dough is a nutritional devil.  Now if a guy exercises a lot ( over two hours a day of cardio exercise like running, cycling, swimming) then nutritionally you can  earn dough.   In fact, to prevent bonking while distance road cycling you actually must eat dough type products to keep riding for hours.  But if  we guys don’t exercise that much, it is best to stick to mostly proteins and vegetables.  Fruit really spikes the blood sugar, similar to wheat so it should also be avoided on most days.  There is an inverse relationship between vegetables and weight. The more vegetable you eat the less you weight. Conversely, the more wheat you eat, the more you weight.  Simple in concept, hard to follow.  Tim Ferriss recommend in his great book, The Four Hour Body, to be good six days a week, then one day a week have a “DGW”…diet gone wild!  This will allow you to not feel deprived, stay true to the nutrition program the other six days, and tell your body you are not starving so keep loosing weight.  On this cheat day (the DGW) I truly believe that Hostess does not make a bad product ( especially their cupcakes).  If you only cheat on one day a week, it really doesn’t seem to wreck a weight loss program. Provided you are good the other six days a week. 

        So if you want to get to your ideal weight my mantra to my patients is to “Say NO to Dough”! but cheat once a week to stay sane.  This is a great way to get lean.   (And beware of waitress baring gifts…like bread!)

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