Colon Cancer Kills, here’s how to beat it

With guys especially, there are certain sensitive areas of the body.  Unfortunately, the large intestine known as the colon is an area that causes  many  cancers.  Cancer is a very scary word.  According to Dr. Agus in his new book, End of Illness, someone does not so much “have cancer” as the person’s body is “cancering”.   The normal tissues of the body go rogue and start growing in a dangerous way.  Since this takes some time, the sooner any cancer is picked up, the greater the chance to cure it.  One step better is to get rid of abnormal tissue before it changes into cancer.  Colon polyps almost always change to colon cancer. By taking out polyps in the colon you prevent (not just cure) cancer.  Colon cancer is especially common after the age of 50 years old.   Also, any bleeding from that area can also be a sign of early cancer.  To get your colon checked requires looking up the colon with a camera scope appley  called a colonoscopy.  They put you to sleep to check the colon and also will take out any polyps that they find. Early screening is best. Below are the top ten reasons to get screened:

10.   You enjoy getting your picture taken!-why not see if this Really Is Your Good End?

9. You heard about the prep-a perfect time to contemplate that bathroom renovation!

8.  Your over 50. or you have a family history. It’s Time!

7.  Colon  cancer  is  the second deadliest cancer, so you’re taking a stand to fight it.

6.  You got over juvenile phobias by the age of 12-Your’re ready to start acting like a grown up.

5.  Doctors recommend this method way more than “Just waiting to see what happens”.

4.  You’ve had symptoms and decided that embarrassment is not an excuse.

3.   You’d actually like to be around to see your grandkids.

2.   If something is found during your screening, it can be removed during the procedure.

and the number 1 reason to get screened is…’s your best chance to stop colon cancer before it stops you.

No butts about it.  Colonoscopy saves lives.

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