Why Men Die Younger than women

Except for birds, it has said that all male species die sooner than women.  It was noted as far back as 1750 that woman lived longer than men. Why is this? There are many theories. A trend in nature seems to be that larger animals, in general, do not live as long as smaller animals. In my medical practice we note that there are some old guys and some large guys but there seems to be few old-large guys.  If men want to live  long, fun lives the mantra to follow is “lean-fit-flexible”.  Put in a more practical term I tell them to be more like “Lance than Arnold”.ie  more endurance type activity versus only performing heavy resistance training. In a perfect world men do both cardio and resistence training. Cardio for the heart and head, the resistence exercise for bones and muscles.  There is something almost magical about an hour of cardio-type exercise everyday.  The NFL has a program for kids that is called “Play 60”, meaning every child should attempt to get 60 minutes of exercise a day.  I think this applies to adults as well, especially guys.

Besides body size, men die younger than women of just about all diseases. The latest data from the Center for Disease and Control (commonly known as the CDC) has women living at least five years longer than men in the United States.  Just about everyone has an opinion for this phenomenon .  Men seem to take more risks, especially when they are younger. When you search on youtube to see why men die before women there are some pretty funny video clips offered : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bt9FPm0cso

My contention for another reason why men die sooner than woman has to do with access to appropriate medical care.  Prevention is better than treatment.  I think a first step is for guys, especially after the age of forty years  to see a doctor or other health care professional yearly.  The “big three” that kills men is heart disease, cancers and stroke.  These are preventable.  Unfortunately most guys are reluctant to see a doc.  I think this contributes to their early death rate compared with women.  Using business terms, what get measured gets managed.  Guys love data so getting checked will let them know their own personal medical “scoreboard”.  Once they know the right numbers (blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, psa etc) to check they have a better chance to be successful.  In this case, knowledge can be power in the health battle.

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